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What I Learned Writing a 50,000 Word Book

Writing a Book May Be Different from What You Expect
Late last year, as I was planning for the year to come, I began setting goals for 2018. Some were habits I wanted to create; others, things I wanted to accomplish.

But one goal stood out above and beyond the rest in terms of complexity, commitment, and ambition: write and publish my first book.

I had never written a book before, not did I consider myself much of a writer. My only related experience was a few blog posts for my creative agency and some articles on Medium that had earned a sum total of less than $100.

Writing a book seemed too ambitious.

Posted by Crawford Ifland

How to Become a Millionaire: A Millennial’s Guide

It’s not as hard as you might think.
Disclaimer: I’m not a personal finance expert. While I did study business and economics in college, I’m not a CPA, CFP, MBA, or any other of those confusing acronyms. I haven’t taken my Series 7, 63, 66 or any of that. I probably shouldn’t be advising your parents on how to invest their nest egg, but I hope this article can give you some solid advice on how to set yourself up for success down the road. Deal? Read on.

Posted by Crawford Ifland

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